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i hope she respond yo


they hittin that shit and don’t even know it

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Venus at the Forge of Vulcan by Gaetano Gandolfi (Bologna 1734-1802)

y’all could hit ya boy with some questions or fanmail. i mean, i’m just sayyyyyin

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well for that last anon, STEEZ actually was a schizophrenic, he believed he was god and an indigo child (someone who can read minds, look into the future, is in a later stage of human evolution). He was also known for his obsession with the number “47” (which is the year when doomsday is to come in the Rastafarian movement '2047'). He also believed that his human presence on earth wasn’t the end of everything, that he was more than something that not many people could be. STEEZ Rest In Peace. x


There’s so many interesting things about the number 47, if anyone is interesting I can send y’all a few YouTube videos to watch.

Long Live Steelo